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The Best Intentions Are Daily Intentions with Ceremonial Cacao

The Best Intentions Are Daily Intentions, with ceremonial cacao

Whether you are facing a busy day wrangling the kids, churning through a full inbox, or a diary packed with meetings, it's essential to approach the day with intent and purpose. Starting the day with Ceremonial Cacao is the perfect way to focus, connect and prepare for the busy day ahead.

Taking the time each morning to focus, reset, and really think about what you want to get out of your day might seem simple, can have a substantial positive impact on our lives. 

Starting each morning with ceremonial cacao and a clear intention helps set the tone for your day, increases focus and awareness and prepares you for whatever life has in store. 

When you start your day with intention, you have increased clarity in what you want to achieve. You tap into a sense of truly living your life rather than just reacting to the situations you find yourself in.

Starting your day with intention can be as simple as committing to a regular routine, and what better way than with a rich and invigorating cup of cacao?

You can also supercharge your routine by adding some movement or a favorite activity.

Here are some ideas: 

- Wake up an hour earlier and complete a yoga routine to get your body moving.

- Do a workout at the gym, take a refreshing swim, or go for a brisk walk.  This is not only beneficial for your health, but by starting the day with a commitment to a routine, you'll find you are much more productive. 

- Meditate to help quiet your thoughts and regulate your mindset.

- Write in a journal, recite some positive affirmations, or commit to drinking eight glasses of water throughout the day.

- Practice a daily mantra, gratitude, or create a list of goals to achieve.

We all have days when it feels easier to stay on the couch or tucked up in bed. Unfortunately, a to-do list as long as our arms is waiting to greet us when we finally get moving.

Even the most minor actions can propel us into the day, and the most challenging part is always the first step — simply getting up and deciding to start. Once you get moving, your list will begin crossing off itself.

Greet the day with warm cacao as the perfect uplifting and energizing complement to your daily routine!

Whether you have five minutes or fifty, the importance of taking a moment to focus your energy and set your intentions every day can't be underestimated.

Love yourself, accept yourself, and be accountable. You have the power within you to achieve your goals.

Living each day with intention & ceremonial cacao is the first step to unlocking your potential and becoming the best you can be!



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