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Creation Cacao Story

Creation cacao was created from a partnership of individuals with a history of giving back  - and an insatiable love for Cacao

With roots based in South America and Australia – We’re passionate advocates for the powerful health based benefits that cacao delivers and the measurable improvements it can make in the lives of others, both here and abroad.  At Creation Cacao we are focused on providing affordable, high quality Cacao to every day Australian’s. So that everyone from all walks of life can access the transformative health and mood benefits of this amazing superfood. 

In effect our MISSION is to introduce the benefits of Cacao into the lives of everyday people, all over the earth. 

“We believe that Cacao is the ideal supportive aid to many of the stresses and hardships experienced in our every-day modern lives. Cacao is now enjoyed outside of sacred ceremonies and spiritual circles and is available to people from all walks of life”

As a socially responsible organization we are focused on providing Cacao to all regions of humanity and in the process of doing so also provide the gift of education to those in greatest need. 

So with each and every purchase you are supporting a greater mission – Your purchase is directly helping to educate up and coming generations in parts of the world where quality education is unavailable. Education provides skills that increase job opportunities and quality of life, while helping to protect people from socioeconomic vulnerabilities. A more equitable expansion of education can reduce inequality and lift the poor from the bottom rung of the ladder.

At Creation Cacao, with your help we are putting our grain of sand towards creating a better world, where those in greatest need can feed their children and pursue a brighter future.  

Thank you for your support in helping this dream become a reality – as every single purchase helps! 

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