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Your Daily Cacao Ritual

Ancient American civilizations drank Cacao for thousands of years in sacred rituals and special ceremonies. It was thought to be so valuable that it was also traded as currency and gifted to the Gods. 

The Cacao bean grows from Theobroma Cacao trees native to South America, West Africa, and Asia. The Cacao pods are harvested from the trees and turned into Cocoa through a multi-step process, including fermenting, drying, roasting and grinding, to make into products like chocolate bars and powders.

Cacao is the raw, unprocessed version of Cocoa made by cold-pressing the beans to maintain their potent nutritional value.

Ceremonial Cacao Paste (pronounced kakaow) is made from high-quality Criollo Cacao beans that contain more beneficial compounds than other varieties. The paste is made by fermenting and drying the beans, peeling the husks, and stone-grinding them down to a paste. It is then set into a block that is shaved into a powder for consumption. 

What Is A Cacao Ceremony?

A Cacao Ceremony is a ritual or practice that honors Cacao as a sacred medicine that provides happiness, fortitude, and strength, opens the heart, and creates deep connections. 

There is no set format, or one size fits all. A Cacao Ceremony can include different rituals, intentions, and practices. Traditionally it is performed during a Full Moon but can also be practiced simply every day as a way to open the heart, encourage creativity, create new intentions and cultivate positive communication.

The word 'Cacao' comes from the Mayan words Ka'kau and Chokola'j, meaning ‘drink chocolate together'. Customarily, a Cacao Ceremony is performed in a group sitting in a circle and setting intentions, praying, and singing together, but it is just as special enjoyed on your own.

“My Cacao Ceremony is a very simple daily ritual,” says Issy Clarke. “I sit in my kitchen looking at the garden and setting an intention for the day. It’s very quiet, peaceful and my favorite part of the day.” 

Brewing a high-quality 100% pure Ceremonial grade Cacao, like Creation Cacao, is the  linchpin of every ceremony as we are using pure Cacao as a tool to heal and connect with our bodies. The higher the quality of the bean used to make the paste, the greater the sensations experienced from it tend to be. Ensure you use enough Cacao per serving to properly feel its benefits. We recommend 40-50g per person. 

How To Create Your Own Cacao Ceremony

Whether your Cacao Ceremony is shared with others or just for you, it should be practiced mindfully. Cultivate this personal ritual through experimentation to create your perfect experience.  Cacao’s beauty lies in its versatility and ability to support you wherever you need it. For example, it combines beautifully with many wellness practices like yoga, meditation, song, and dance. All you need to do is find your way to enjoy it and embrace Cacao's mystical benefits.

Set Your Intentions

Decide on an intention you want your day to revolve around. It should alert your consciousness that you're ready, willing and open for whatever comes your way. It might be to communicate better with yourself and with others, balance energies within you, or strengthen your willpower. 

Prepare Your Space 

Look around your home and garden for the perfect spot to perform your daily ritual. Prepare the space making it distraction free. Make sure your setting supports your intention. Some like gathering items representing the four elements of water, fire, earth, and air, like a lit candle, a bowl of water, and soil. Others like to place objects that mean something to them like scented candles, a favorite incense, flowers or plants and play soothing music or nature sounds like waterfall or birdsong.

Brew Your Cacao

Brew Creation Cacao with hot water and any sweetener you prefer. While preparing it, think about the alchemy of ingredients that combine to create this nourishing, full-bodied elixir.

Look Within Yourself 

Sit on the ground for a feeling of physical grounding. Breathe deeply through your nose, bringing awareness to your breath's sensation. Place your hands on your heart and be conscious of its beat. It will help you dive deeper mentally and emotionally.

Offer Thanks And Gratitude

Expressing gratitude alters your consciousness that alters your thoughts on what is meaningful and important. Try using simple phrases, like "I am thankful that …", and open your heart to the world and its elements. Acknowledge how they influence your life and be thankful for their gifts.

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