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How Cacao Can Help You Lose Weight

How Cacao Can Help You Lose Weight

You might have read about some of the fantastic health benefits of drinking raw cacao,  from increased focus and feelings of wellbeing to a long-lasting energy boost without the crash.

Now there's another superpower to cacao's growing list of benefits. 

Adding a warm cup of cacao to your morning routine, or any time of day, also assists with weight loss! 

We can hear the questions now — "Are you telling me this delicious beverage that makes me feel great and energised, can also help me lose weight?"

Indeed, and here's why: 

Cacao, as an essential part of a high-fat diet, help prevents weight gain by essentially 'turning off' the genes in your body that synthesise fatty acids. 

A study published in May 2005 suggested that "cacao can prevent high-fat, diet-induced obesity by modulating lipid metabolism." Put simply, by inhibiting the creation of fatty acids in your body, cacao prevents fat from accumulating, thus staving off potential weight gain. 

On top of this, the theobromine and caffeine found in cacao increase your metabolism and reduce your appetite. It's also believed it stimulates your body's production of the protein adiponectin, which helps you feel full for longer and tends to be found in adults with lower body fat.

Raw cacao is also known to increase the production of serotonin, which helps suppress your appetite and, in conjunction with an uptick of dopamine, reduces stress and improves mood.

It's hard to 'stress eat' if you're not worried in the first place!

 Cacao is filled with 40 times the antioxidants of blueberries, a laundry list of essential vitamins and minerals, polyphenols, flavonoids and a host of other nutrients. A daily cup of raw cacao helps your body operate at its very best, more efficiently, for longer and more often. 

While cacao offers an abundance of unique ingredients and components, its key ingredient isn't in the beans; it's the medium that unlocks the beans and allows us to reap its benefits: water.

Drinking water makes you feel full and helps your body absorb nutrients and expel waste. Studies show drinking warm water before eating increases the metabolism by up to 30%, and up to 40% of this increase can be traced to its rise in temperature.

So don't forget the essential part that cacao and water play in keeping you looking and feeling your best:

  • The effects on a complex genetic level
  • Stimulation of key neurotransmitters
  • Essential nutrients that assist with efficient bodily functions
  • The feeling of being satiated, satisfied and stimulated.

Cacao is the multi-purpose jack of all trades you've been looking for on your weight loss journey. Just add water!

Try it and experience the benefits today.



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