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Achieve greater focus, clarity and energy with Cacao

Achieve greater focus, clarity and energy with Cacao

Did you know your brain can take in and analyse information as quickly as 431 kilometres per hour? That’s even faster than a Formula 1 race car!


Despite weighing only 1.5kg, our brain is the most energy-craving organ in the body, requiring around 25% of the body's energy stores. It also runs the show and, like a race car, functions at its best when it runs on premium fuel provided by our daily diets.


Alongside the top ten foods which boost brain and memory, like fatty fish, blueberries, broccoli and turmeric, is antioxidant-rich dark chocolate.


So could Cacao be the world's most delicious brain food? We certainly think so, but let's take a closer look at the benefits.


Numerous studies suggest that Cacao's boasts benefits including boosted memory, cognition, the immune system, and mood.


Cacao widens blood vessels which, in turn, helps lower blood pressure decreasing the chances of a blood clot and increasing the brain's ability to concentrate. Cacao is also a potent anti-inflammatory and stimulates the release of major neurotransmitters that help improve mood while boosting memory. As one of the richest sources of antioxidants, Cacao helps reduce free radicals that can cause oxidative damage in your brain and body.


So when should i have my cacao to maximize performance? Studies show that consuming flavanol-rich Ceremonial Cacao increases blood flow for up to 2+ hours, which can substantially enhance cognition and memory.


Nutritious snacks are also an essential component of a balanced diet and help bridge between meals preventing excessive hunger while helping with portion control and mindful food choices. Cacao also serves as a natural and nutritious energy source, which is much needed when our minds are hard at work.


Due to being caloric dense and highly satisfying, cacao often works as an appetite suppressant, leading to further short-term energy increase and clarity.


So when your next studying for an important exam, focusing on that big work project or simply need to deliver at your best - try ceremonial cacao for an extra boost of clarity and focus.



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