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6 Tips To Brewing a Better Cacao

Cacao is simply magical!

It's rich in antioxidants, flavonoids, vitamins, and minerals and loved globally as a healthy alternative to coffee. High quality cacao has been used for millennia to unlock creative potential and improve a myriad of health issues like inflammation, high blood pressure, a low immune system and lack of energy.

You may already have your tried-and-true Cacao-making routine, but here's a few extra ideas to try in your daily ritual.

Each day, brew Creation Cacao with hot water and your choice of sweetener. While preparing it, think about the alchemy of ingredients that combine to create this nourishing, full-bodied elixir and take your Cacao game next level by avoiding these common mistakes:

Heat But Don't Boil

Ceremonial Cacao holds many health, mind and energy benefits for the daily drinker, although many of these positive affects may reduced if your cacao is brought to the boil. To maintain the highest potency with your cacao experience, we recommend heating the water first, bringing it off the boil, then adding your cacao. Once melted add your milk or sweetener & serve.

Mindfully Sweet

Adding refined white sugar to your daily brew can increase your risk of certain cancers and obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. Sweeten your brew mindfully, trying coconut sugar, which has a subtle sweet taste, or experiment with agave, stevia, honey, maple syrup and unrefined sugar. 

Milk It Right

Using sweetened nut milk adds white sugar to your brew. Look for unsweetened almond, cashew, or hazelnut milk or try rice, coconut, or soya milk. Oat milk is a favourite for those who prefer their Cacao extra creamy. Some say dairy milk can hinder the effects of Cacao, and others choose only to use water - it's up to you.

Smoothly Goes It

When lumps aren't blended well, your Cacao won't be the velvety brew you've been dreaming of. Stir or blend until you've broken up any clumps, and resist adding more water until it is as silky smooth as possible. 

Dose To Suit The Experience

The felt effects of cacao range from subtle and calming through to energy stimulating and mood enhancing. Select a dose that you feel best fits the situation you're preparing for.

Lighter doses of 20-25gr are suitable for daily use such as work and study, where-as larger doses around 40-50gr deliver quite a powerful energizing experience. Test which dosage size best fits your body and enjoy the powerful and beneficial effects each day.

 It Won’t Wait For You…

Cacao tastes best served right away, when its fresh - so we suggest savoring it immediately.

Although here is no right or wrong way to have your daily cacao, we suggest trying a number of the options above to assist in maximizing your cacao experience in creating your perfect cup.

Enjoy :)




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